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How do I register?

  1. You must have a French Car Forum user account to register for this wiki.
    Send a PM from your French Car Forum account to the following users (use multiple addressing in case some are not available):
    • xantia_v6
    • citrojim
  2. Include in the PM the email address to which you would like your wiki temporary password sent (the system cannot send the temporary password in a PM response).
  3. Be prepared to wait a few hours (usually not more than 24) for a response.
  4. We will create a user account with the same user name as your French Car Forum user name (the wiki username will capitalise the first letter and any "_" character will be converted to a space " ").
  5. The wiki software will email you a random temporary password (the administrators do not have access to this)
  6. When you login to the wiki for the first time using the temporary password, the system will dictate that you must set a new password of your own choice.