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Quick guide to wiki editing

This quick guide to wiki editing is taken from the mediawiki manual

Wiki Rules

  1. All content shall be relevant to at least one of:
    • The ownership and enjoyment of French cars
    • The Use and enhancement of this wiki
    • The use of the French Car Forum
  2. No orphan pages. Every page must be linked directly or indirectly from the main page
  3. Content shall generally not refer to other users (wiki or forum), except for the purpose of attribution of quotes
  4. The Administrators have the final say on whether content is relevant, helpful and in good taste
  5. We must be able to trace the source of content and any copyright associated with it
    • By uploading content here, you are agreeing that you are not breaching any existing copyright of the material and you agree to the terms of the copyright of this site
    • All material should be your own original work
    • As an exception, text may be copied from posts on the French Car Forum, but you must add an attribution of the original author, which should also be a link the the original forum post
    • If content is taken from somewhere else then the source should be clearly attributed, and it should be clear that such use is not contravening the original copyright
    • Sorry no diagrams from, (copyright)
  6. While the administrators of this site take no responsibility for consequences due to any material on this site, the administrators should be notified immediately of:
    • Any content that portrays or encourages dangerous procedures
    • Any content that appears to breach copyright rules
    • Any content that is abusive or in poor taste
  7. The Administrators may without further discussion, revoke access to any user who wilfully disregards these rules
  8. The Administrators may amend these rules at any time
  9. Have fun

Wiki Style Guide

  1. The wiki should be easily readable
    • Too many links can be distracting
    • Avoid excessive use of specialised abbreviations
    • Remember that some readers will be much less familiar with the subject than you are
    • My style inspiration is Kirby Palm's Experience in a Book (a bible for the XJ-S). It was written before the wiki (or even the web forum) was invented, I encourage you to read a few random pages from the middle sections of that book.
  2. This wiki is not a forum
    • Don't ask questions on the wiki, go to the forum and ask there
    • It is intended to be a long term resource, don't add content that will be obsolete in a few weeks or months
  3. Use internal links to direct the reader to related material within the wiki
    • The purpose of the link should be reasonably clear from the context
    • It is OK (even encouraged) to add blind internal links to pages that have not be created yet
  4. Uses external links to existing websites where useful
    • Externally linked sites should (with a few exceptions) be non-commercial
    • The purpose of the link should be reasonably clear from the context
  5. Add pictures to illustrate the text
    • Pictures should be relevant to the topic
    • It is preferred that pictures be uploaded to the wiki, rather than external links. This is to avoid future problems with remotely hosted pictures disappearing
    • Pictures (and all other content) must be your own copyright, or with a copyright compatible with them being uploaded to the wiki
  6. "wikifying" content from the French Car Forum is encouraged
    • You may freely cut and paste from the forum and preferably give attribution of the original author making their username into an external link to the original forum post
    • The content will not be deleted from the forum (so is still searchable there), but "stickyed" threads may be "unstuck" by the forum administrators to reduce forum clutter
  7. Where something (e.g. is common between different models or makes of vehicle, it should be given its own page, which should be linked from the pages associated with each vehicle that uses it
  8. We encourage all users to improve the content and look of the wiki, wherever they see a need
    • Don't contribute if you are not OK with other people reformatting, changing or even deleting your work
  9. Don't delete somebody else's work without good reason and preferably consensus