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What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a web site that has content created and edited by its users, each adding their knowledge or perspective to existing topics, or adding completely new topics as they wish.

Do I need to log in to see all the content?

No, all of the content of this wiki is freely available without registration and login.

Why must I register and login to edit this wiki?

The administrators have decided that their overall workload will be lower if only known users of the FrenchCarForum are able to modify the content.

How do I contact the administrators?

Use the forum admin contact form

How do I upload pictures?

How do I display pictures that I have uploaded?

Can I add a new page to the wiki?


May I upload my collection of car photos?

No, this is not a photo hosting site. We only want photos that are supporting wiki articles.

Can I advertise my business on the wiki?

Generally no. This is a non-commercial site with no affiliations to commercial entities. An external link to your website may be allowable, contact the administrators for clarification.

Can I add a link to my (or somebody else's) business website?

Maybe. Our policy is to only allow links to businesses that are providing relevant specialist products and services. The nature of any external link must be obvious before the link is clicked. Any such link cannot imply endorsement by the administrators of the wiki.