Xantia Front Radius Arm Bushes

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Front Radius Arm Bushes

HELP! This Wiki is seriously incomplete

Alignment of the rear ('P') bush is critical. HOW?

If both bushes need replacing, buying a complete new/reconditioned lower arm (wishbone) from a reputable source saves the great deal of work and difficulty involved in replacing the rear ('P') correctly aligned.

The radius arm must be set up with the bottom of the arm 8mm lower than the bottom of the subframe before tightening the clamp on the 'P' bush or the through-bolt on the front bush.

There's a good alignment diagram in the Haynes manual (N.B. copyright prevents it being copied here!)

IMPORTANT Before you start dismantling the front suspension, pop the plastic dog-bone link off the front height corrector otherwise you're likely to either break the link or damage the height corrector by (accidentally rotating the anti-roll bar (ARB) further than it should be.

Easiest if the suspension is depressurised first and one end of (either) drop link is undone.

It IS important that the arm is very close to the correct position when the bush clamping bolts are tightened up. The bushes CANNOT accommodate more deflection than the designed suspension movement either side of the correct alignment position (roughly Normal ride position). If the bushes are tightened up with the suspension on full droop (the usual mistake) they will fail in as little as a few hundred miles.

A handy way to align the front bush is to use a short laser level held up to the underneath of the subframe with a jack. Then with a second jack to support the outboard end of the radius arm, wind the jack up until it looks in about the right place (arm roughly horizontal) then switch on the laser. Holding the end of a steel tape measure up against the face where the nut of the ball joint fits adjust the height of the jack until the laser is at the correct measurement. The laser will have an offset from it's base which you have to take into account: e.g. offset 12.5mm, minus 8mm (see alignment diagram) means the laser line should be between 4 and 5mm on the tape.