Xantia Disc & Pad Data

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FRONT (Ventilated)

  • 266 x 20.4 (thick) is fitted to most hatchbacks.
  • 283 x 22 should be fitted to estates and higher power hatchbacks.
  • 288 x 28 S1 - only V6. S2 - HDi 110 & V6, plus 2.0 CT & 2.1 TD after RP 8001.

REAR (Solid)

  • 224 x 9 Hatchbacks
  • 251 x 12 Estates

There are tales of 1.8 petrol hatchbacks built with 283 discs and estates with 266s. As calipers and pads are different for each size of disc, check before reaching the point of no return!!

Note: To change the rear discs, the callipers will have to be removed and you will need new calliper bolts – it's unwise to refit old ones and if you haven't got a complete set of new ones to hand you are sure to break the lot! Calliper bolts are 10.9 high tensile steel not the usual 8.8 mild steel, and fine 1.25 thread pitch not the standard M10x1.5.

DANGER: New discs must be fitted in pairs and with new pads. Old pads on new discs will have poor braking power until the pads and discs have bedded in – by wearing the same (but shallower) grooves in the new discs and pads as in the old!