ES9J4 Petrol V6 194HP

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Spark Plug Replacement

The ES9 is a tightly packaged engine, and one of the compromises is that the spark plugs are not particularly easy to reach, particularly those on the rear bank, which are under the main part of the inlet manifold.

Cam Belt Replacement

The cam belt should be replaced at intervals not exceeding 80,000 miles or 10 years. The job of replacement is a bit fiddly and time consuming, but is within the scope of a competent home mechanic.

Cam Belt Tensioner

Most ES9J4 engines (until December 2000) left the factory with a rather complicated manual belt tensioner that requires a SEEM gauge to adjust the belt tension. Late engines had a simpler automatic tensioner that require no special tools to set up. Most of the early style tensioers have been replaced by the later style in the course of regular timing belt replacement.

If you come across an engine that still has the early style tensioner, note that the water pump must be replaced with the later style, or the early style water pup may be modified to fit the later style tensioner mounting.

Resealing Cam Boxes

Resealing Sump

Crank Pulley

Bleeding the Cooling System

It is essential that the cooling system is effectively bled after being refilled. Failure to bleed the system may result in total failure to cool the engine, resulting in catastrophic failure (e.g. blown head gaskets).