Citroen Xantia

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Mark 1 and Mark2

The Mark 1 Xantia

  • produced between 1993 and 1997
  • grille attached to body of car
  • early cars had chrome chevrons on bonnet
  • later cars had chrome chevrons on grille
  • smoked rear light clusters
  • infra red remote central locking

The Mark 2 Xantia

  • produced between 1998 and 2001
  • grille attached to bonnet of car
  • clear rear light clusters
  • minor front and rear bumper profile alteration
  • revised dashboard
  • revised radio and steering wheel controls
  • radio remote central locking
  • rear wiper blade mounting revised

HDi Engines

ORGA/RP Number

Safety Issues

XM and Xantia Strut top failures

Xantia Strut Mount table


Injection Systems


Clutch (BE3 Transmission)

Hydraulic Suspension

The Xantia had several variants of the Hydraulic system, they have much in common, but it is useful to know which is applicable to your car.


Sphere Table

Spheres, Hydraflushing and Brake Bleeding

Height Corrector cleaning and overhaul


Teves ABS Fault Finding

Xantia Disc & Pad Data

Xantia Pad & Disc Replacement and Rear Calliper Overhaul

Front brake hoses

Front Suspension

Xantia Front Radius Arm Bushes

Rear Suspension


Weak or broken door hinges


Xantia Heater Matrix Replacement

EEEEEKKK!!! Run away from this job!!!!


Battery Cables

Relay Identification

Xantia Headlight Relay Modification

Xantia (Mk1) Fan Relay Modification

(Mk1) IR Remote Repair & Re-Sync

Cruise Control (vacuum type)

Air Conditioning Fan Controller


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