Weird air/con symptoms.

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It was a reward for helping Bernie with his a/c
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Sorry Tom, I forgot I was going to reward you with MONEY, it went clean out of my mind.
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From which I gather that Bernie's computer has been hijacked!

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What's my bloody computer doing, giving money away[:0][:0]
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Must be one that Norton antivirus do'nt know about[:D][:D]
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Alan, have been having similar problems my self, as far as I have been able to determine, if both cooling fans in front of the rad don't run then they only cut in when the temp sensor on the thermostat housing ( the r/h one with two wires, brown connector) reaches its 2nd cut in point and then one fan will probably run at full speed, however when this happens the cut out relay on the air con then disconnects the air con until the engine temp has dropped.
You can check this by turning the ignition on and then removing the brown connector from the sensor on the thermostat housing, the Bitron unit should then switch both fans on initially at slow speed and then at high speed, once they are running at high speed if you turn the ignition off they should drop to 1/2 speed. As far as I can tell everything is set to fail safe ie fans running in event of failure of the temp sensor on the thermostat housing, not sure about a broken Bitron, probably depends on what is wrong with it
My problem was dodgy fan connections meaning that air con only ran when the engine was cold as the fans are in series at slow speed. With the outside temp being so high I would imagine that your fans normally run pretty well continuously at half speed.
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