Extra Life to BX Alternator

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Extra Life to BX Alternator

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Hi all,
Intermittent warning light when ignition ket turned on, took sometimes a while for the alternator to energise the field coils.
So, off with the regulator and not supprised, one of the carbon brushes had worn away, this has happened to me before, anyway the options:
1. New regulator.
2. unsolder the offending brush make up a spare and resolder
3. extend the length of the brush.
I went for option 3, as the easiest task, as the wires from the brush to the holder were crimped, and that would require drilling out.
Carefully file down the contact area of the brush to remove the round profile.
Make up a length of brush from your junk box stock.
Just add a very small drop of super glue and bond on the extension.
Check for continuity across the join.
Good for another few thousand miles.
Note that the length of extension is well below the top of the holder, so if the bond fails, it will still be contained.