Climate Control Blowing Hot only !

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Re: Climate Control Blowing Hot only !

Post by frer8833 »

I went back to the mechanic and asked why he didnt check with electricity if the radiator fan actually works or not, he said if AC doesnt work it means radiator fan doesnt work which means it is broken. I said but it works after long ride, if it's broken why can it work sometimes? He said the reason why it works sometimes is because the magnet is worn down but sometimes it gets electric connection. A couple of days ago he said it was burned. He disnt want to show the error codes or troubleshooting results from the scanner. He also wanted crazy high price to repair the car. My question is if this explanation is probable or if the mechanic should have checked more properly if the fan works with 12v electricity? BTW it rotates easily when pushed with a wooden rod.

So again if fan and resistor are broken how can the fan work after long ride for 10 min including Eco/start-stop light stays ON? Is the battery maybe the problem? Either they are broken or not. I dont want to fix them if they work.
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Re: Climate Control Blowing Hot only !

Post by xantia_v6 »

Some of the things that you mechanic seems to have said are wrong, and he does not seem to want to use a logical fault finding method. I would suggest that you go somewhere else for a second diagnosis, or buy a diagnostic unit that will let you make some tests yourself. Not that for these cars, some cheap diagnostic machines are not very useful, as they wont read all ECUs, nor perform test operations.