C4 grand Picasso door fault

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Re: C4 grand Picasso door fault

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No need for programming these door control modules (but you MUST get the correct unit / part number for your vehicle), but be aware that the driver's door modules are linked to control the passengers mirror, windows and rear windows / and door locking.

My mirrors stopped working - after it came back from the body insurance shop - whatever they had done, one of the door control unit connectors underneath the module had come off, so that was reconnected and all fine again.
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Re: C4 grand Picasso door fault

Post by Ryanoneil11 »

Just to let you know i changed the door control module in the passenger door its seemed to work like it should so not convinced it needs programming.
Please up date us if this work for you :) all fingers crossed

Just a quick one when the cars running I'm guessing it says both doors are open, but when you switch the engine off does it change just the passenger door open ?
This to me doesn't make sense as when its on the computer live data passenger door is opening/ closing as it should and shows the drivers door always closed on live data.

Im still trying to locate this relay i was told about which could be jammed- I can take these doors off in about a minute and a half now iv got that good at it :lol: