Xantia ACTIVA 2ltr (TaffyTiva)....the resurrection begins !

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Re: Xantia ACTIVA 2ltr (TaffyTiva)....the resurrection begins !

Post by Stickyfinger »

Ummm, that does not look good.......and the Draper flair nut spanners I have are slipping on it (slipped once, then I stop) The Draper spanners really are S**t and I must bin them off asap.

So, out comes my new wonder device, a butane micro flame/soldering torch to heat up the nut itself........

And out it comes using a Halfors Pro 9mm open end spanner....that will do nicely Sir.
Note, it has not even burnt the plastic paint on the feed pipe.
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Re: Xantia ACTIVA 2ltr (TaffyTiva)....the resurrection begins !

Post by bobins »

I have to say - those little butane torches come in properly handy sometimes. I used my cheap Chinese one to heat up an aircon pipe nut in a tight space and it did the job with no collateral damage at all.
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Re: Xantia ACTIVA 2ltr (TaffyTiva)....the resurrection begins !

Post by myglaren »

I don't use mine much, other than as a precision weed burner.
Just a useful tool to have, although I don't remember why I bought it.
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Re: Xantia ACTIVA 2ltr (TaffyTiva)....the resurrection begins !

Post by CitroJim »

Ahh, the good old hot spanner!

That's a nice result Alasdair :D Pleased that one came out OK as it would have been a bit of a ball-ache otherwise...

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