Fuel rail/system pressure too low

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Re: Fuel rail/system pressure too low

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ok update!!!!!!(p0087)
so i will write up the all story....
leaves got into my fuel tank , the fuel raile low pressure foult came on, i replcaed the filter , and then for 2 month was all good.
after 2 month fault came back , and i waited for the filter to arrive, (that the point where i opened up the fuel gauge on the tank and found the leaves in the tank).
by that point the injectors were realy clogged, so i replace the 2 injectores that were bad , (after a leak down test) and now evrey thing is good and normal.

-first thanks for all the help from guys in here , whouldnt have done it without u guys.
2th-1 point if this code come on -change dieasel filter right away , dont wait with that.
2 the leak off injector test is a bit tricky as i talked with some other guys with same problem, what i did was to take the end of the hose that came with the cheap Amazon kit, and just put the hose in the injetor return,
its fit there snug and good.