Hydraulic clutch question

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Re: Hydraulic clutch question

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Couple of questions, how many miles has the gear box done and is there oil in it ?
I have replaced gear box bearings on a couple of high mile Saabs, both around 150k miles. On these the bearings had worn out but the symptoms were whining noises and on one (possibly the input shaft but it was around 1995), the bearing was that badly worn the shaft could move in and out enough for it to jump out of gear.

When you replace the brake fluid every 2 years the clutch fluid should also be replaced and if this has not been done you have nothing to lose by doing it. I find the clutch fluid tends to be a bit black from the cylinder seals wearing and afterwards the clutch pedal can be a bit lighter to use. Possibly this might help the slave cylinder if it is backing off from the release bearing a bit too much.
hi Paul, around 125K miles. (last 10,000 of these with a gentle remap..... )

many gearbox oil changes, always with the correct PSA grade.

Original title of this post is now misleading, with hindsight it should read, 'clattery gearbox' :)

Input shaft has no movement in any direction, at either end. All I can think is worn teeth on the gears between input shaft and whatever it connects with when in neutral. I will no doubt remove it for a third time, and actually take it apart to find out what went on.. I may grab a scapper box as well just in case some bits are useful .