DS5 Manual Adjustment of Automatic Headlights?

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Re: DS5 Manual Adjustment of Automatic Headlights?

Post by CitroJim »

^^ As James says above...

This is my method of setting (albeit old conventional ones!) my headlights using my garage doors and chalk marks taken from the beam pattern of a similar reference vehicle...

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Re: DS5 Manual Adjustment of Automatic Headlights?

Post by NotAnInterestingName »

It should get (slightly) lower as you reverse away if on dipped beam, if it's staying at the same height then your lights aren't dipped (the clue's in the name!).

Mine were previously level or even slightly uphill, that's why I got them lowered - too much initially, but now I seem to have found a good balance.

There are lots of straight flat roads around here, and I can see that now the top of the beam heads downhill into the distance, I can see the slope along the roadside hedges. This is probably easier to see in the dark flat countryside around here, perhaps not as obvious in busier places. By the time it reaches the back of a car that I'm following at a sensible safe distance the top of the beam vanishes into the road surface. Dipped headlights should not light up the back of the car in front.

I've found that since aligning them properly, not only am I not melting anyone's retinas, but also the full beam which was previously lighting the sky and not actually helping me very much is now horizontal, as it should be, and I can see much much better - before adjustment full beam wasn't much better than dipped, as it was too high to be useful.