Citroen C5 dies randomly during ride

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Citroen C5 dies randomly during ride

Post by WishItWasBetter »

Hey fellow humanoids.
I own Citroen C5 x7 2010 103kw 2.0l HDI,great car really. Now since my cooling fan dies out of nowhere,it started to do funky stuff.

I ran my AC from work. Car was cooling off,left it,came to it in the morning and when I opened my door,fan started going full speed. Then after 10 mins it died. And ac didn't come on.
Since then during ride,my car shut off,multiple problems on screen like Antipollution faulty,oil pressure and so on. I have to STOP the car and turn off key and start it to make it run. Car won't crank if i don't stop.

Bought new fan with new relay,get it in and it did the same thing. Kinda. I open the door on car and it starts and shuts off. But now AC is running fine.

But car still shuts off RANDOMLY,whilst fast slow high rpm or low ac on or off. We got in on diag and it showed all problems which read "control of the ignition relay" or some. Fuel problems and basically everything that makes car go says it stopped getting electricity or signal.It isn't camshaft sensor because it starts normally. Meaning it stopped getting electricity. Computer is untouched even got new BSM and new battery new alternator checked all relays and fuses. It isn't EGR cuz it's new one. Fuel pump is running and all fuel rail and injectors are fine.

Thinking about thermostats or something burned with my original fan. And now it's in in short circuit or something.

Please help me. I can't bear the fear going 130-150 on highway and you have to stop to get goin.
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Re: Citroen C5 dies randomly during ride

Post by Peter.N. »

Have you changed the fuel filter recently? I have had this problem with one of mine and its due to air getting into the fuel lines. Changed the filter housing which has improved it considerably but still does it occasionally. Does yours have an in tank pump then?

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Re: Citroen C5 dies randomly during ride

Post by davoxx »

I had/have something similar (c5 x7 estate 08), I don't know what exactly causes it, but I know that if I disconnect the cooling fan at the front bumper the issues disappear.

I changed the fan and the relay? unit in the box and the issue came back, disconnected it, and it went away.

In case that helps you.