The joys of internet-connected cars

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Re: The joys of internet-connected cars

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Ross_K wrote:
28 Jul 2022, 18:13
But wow, I didn't know they cost that much to insure :shock:
From last year on the Car sharing/car clubs/insurance thread. Havent checked recently but TESLA's in house insurance is estimated to generate 30-40% of the revenues of its car business.
NewcastleFalcon wrote:
07 Jun 2021, 13:48
Tesla is working on driver ‘safety rating’ based on driving behaviours and Autopilot use to affect insurance cost
Here are the factors that Tesla will be tracking to determine your safety rating:

ABS Activation – Number of times ABS is activated
Hours Driven – Average daily driving time
Forced Autopilot Disengagements – Number of times Autopilot is disabled due to ignored alerts
Forward Collision Warnings – Number of times car detects a potential forward collision
Unsafe Following Time – Portion of time spent at an unsafe following distance
Intensity of Acceleration and Braking – Speed variance due to extreme acceleration and braking. Shown on a scale from 0-10 as measured against Tesla’s internal fleet.
Your high tech car company now knows more about its customers driving behaviour than the traditional insurance companies. As reported previously, when rolled out Elon Musk believes it will be a significant revenue generator representing up to 30-40% of its car business.

Also control of hiked up prices for insurance repairs on TESLA vehicles and keeping the vast majority of that work in house, is an added benefit.

Regards Neil