EGR Valve Removal

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EGR Valve Removal

Post by GD99 »

Hi all,

First time posting here as I believe I have an issue with the EGR Valve on my 2009 C4 Picasso. I have fault code "P1461 EGR valve learning" and the engine is rough for about a minute on startup before settling down.

I was wondering if it's worth removing the valve to clean it out or just replace it? I can see access is almost non existent but would like to give it a go rather than book it into a garage as I'm fairly handy on the tools. The hardest part seems to be getting to the clamp where the EGR valve connects to the intercooler, would removing the scuttle panel help at all?

Your opinion is much appreciated.
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Re: EGR Valve Removal

Post by RichardW »

Missed the original, assuming it's a 1.6 it's not as bad as it looks. If you strip off the wipers, scuttle etc, air pipes, fuel filter and bracket, and take the air box out, access is not too bad! Click-R pliers will get the clip off, there is a replacement clip that is bolt on, hardest part is getting the bolt started.