2001 Partner Instrument Cluster

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Re: 2001 Partner Instrument Cluster

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After scouring the various online parts shops and auctions, comparing cluster repair costs I emailed around 20 breakers and salvage yards in the north of England and south of Scotland. The next day I got around ten responses, only one had something, they emailed me photos of the unit with 123K miles and at £25 + £5 next day postage it arrived this morning. Thanks Alex McMeekin in Lanark https://www.alexmcmeekin.co.uk/.

I used 20 mins of my lunch break, did the first part of the BSI reset to disconnect the battery, attached the unit, reattached the battery (pos then neg), flipped the side-lights on through the drivers window and it sprung in to life! Finished by switching ignition on then off and unlocked the car. Miles are the same as before, no faults and everything is working again.
You've been really helpful with responses, everything I've tried has had a purpose with a cause to eliminate and my only mistake apart from not giving up earlier was, attempt to discover the internal state of the original cluster - pointless without additional electrical testing equipment and potentially caused more damage - the fuel and temp gauges need proper setting as they don't have a stop point like the revs and speedo.

This evening I'll clear the service indicator which is showing 50K miles overdue, set the time, reattach the trim, put the boot-full of tools back in the shed and clean up the oil from the parts left in the boot whilst doing the head gasket.

Next up... I would like to put some daisy vinyls on the sides, hang some fluffy dice and drive my teenagers to and from school... is that too cruel?