Rip-Off-Britain re:Car Insurance

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Rip-Off-Britain re:Car Insurance

Post by JohnD » 27 May 2002, 23:58

I suppose the premium reflects the 'market value pay-out' in the event of a write-off. In view of the higher premiums that the insurers invariably charge Citroen owners, wouldn't it be an opportunity for Citroen UK to run their own insurance scheme?

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Rip-Off-Britain re:Car Insurance

Post by B_Draper » 28 May 2002, 22:48

Just an update
I finally went for who charged £575.40 for 12 months fully comp cover. If I had decided on a 10 month fully comp cover (which would get me 1 years NCB in 10 months) it would have cost me £525.
As I'm going back to being a lowly skint student next year, I thought it would be best if I had 12 months instead of 10 ! One of the downsides about going for this quote menas that my excess premium is now £400 !
One final thought - Since Top Gear (TV Show on BBC) made a massive case against the price of petrol recently with varying success, maybe they shoudl aim their guns at the insurance companies next?!
Thanxs for everyone's contribution to this post