C5 X7 - which lower control arm brand?

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C5 X7 - which lower control arm brand?

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As you might have seen, I was fighting with my C5 x7 (reg 58) to change the ball joints, as I had some noise and play in my front axle. After many (many) hours, I finally changed them: the 2 lower ball joints, but only one upper ball joint (as it was a nightmare to remove the first one, and I couldn't detect anything wrong in the second one - nothing in the first one either though...)

Anyway, I am a bit disappointed, as driving the car again, I can't tell any difference... I am sure it was a good thing to do, according to the state of the lower ball joint bearing, but still didn't solve my noisy front axle...

I now look at the control arm/trailing arm as the next suspect: I can't detect any play, but the two rubber linking the arm with the chassis are not looking "fresh"
=> Do you recommend (or don't recommend) any specific brand ?
I did read that you can change the bushes only, but I lean toward changing the full arm (different of price VS complexity decision :))