Satnav / Multi function display dead

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Satnav / Multi function display dead

Post by IcarusBop »


On my 2008 Picasso C4 the multifunction display / satnav display was blank this morning.
I disconnected and re-connected the battery, this brought it back to life, but it has since done the same thing again and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to stop it doing this or if I might need to start looking into a replacement.

If it comes down to it, will I need a new display or the "radio/media" box it is plugged in to?
If I change either of these is there a process to get them working with the car or can I just plug them in?


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Re: Satnav / Multi function display dead

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Before replacing any parts you really need to determine which is faulty - the display or the head unit, otherwise you may be wasting money.

To answer your question regarding replacements, the Head unit will need VIN coding to your vehicle and also configuring to match the specific options of your Picasso, as any second hand replacement will likely be coded with the options from the donor vehicle and these can be quite different - especially if from a Peugeot.