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Please Help!

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Recently bought a Citroen C4 VTR+ petrol. Last week I went to start it and it wouldn't go, I could hear the starter trying to start it but it would give up after a couple seconds of turning the key. After a few attempts I left it and managed to get a lift to work. Once i'd finished I came home and thought i'd try my luck. It started first time, but on the screen presented a message 'pollution system faulty' I took it for a drive round my village to see if it made any differance but it hadn't. I turned it off and left it over night. Started it the next morning and all errors had disappeared. Anyway it had been running sweet for about a week until this morning, except this time I cant get it started. Does anybody have any idea what this could be ? Or experienced anything like this? Please help I dont have enough money to diagnose and spend money on parts which may or may not fix it. Thanks in advance, Ollie
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Re: Please Help!

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Hi Mupi and welcome to the forum,
Whereabouts are you? London is a big place!! :)