DS3 Citroen 2014 - Slipping gearbox out of D (Automatic)

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DS3 Citroen 2014 - Slipping gearbox out of D (Automatic)

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Hi there,

I have a Citroen DS3(2014) automatic, 1.6 petrol. I notice that it randomly goes out of Drive sometimes and in the dashboard instead of Drive 1,2,3,4 it shows a dash(-), then I have to reset by either stopping or as it is loose stick I very gently with not much pressure push it back down to D and it works.

What actually happens is that due to the gearbox being 'loose' and easy to slip out of D, this issue can often occur after harsh breaking because of the momentum or potholes/vibrations etc. And also the fact that I can move it with tiny pressure back to D while driving(without using break pedal) it shows how 'loose' and slippery it can be. It feels like it doesn't hold a stiff position on D while it really SHOULD. But especially when sudden breaking due to the momentum, the loose stick and the break pedal(which releases the gearbox anyway) it's easy to slip out of D.

What do you think the issue might be? and cost?

I run Lexia diagnostic and in the Transmission only showed Break Light Switch faulty. No other faults.