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Hi All

Post by ChrisRobin »

Have 2 French cars, glutton for punishment I know, mine a 2011 Megane CC 1.9 diesel, the other is now a 308CC for the wife she has purchased it upgraded from a 307cc have to say the build quality is tons better, and considering my Megane is an 11 plate GT Line the 12 plate 308 is miles ahead in Tec n toys...
my Megane is nice but I have to say the plastic parcel shelf is very annoying as it cuts the boot in half when the roof is up unlike the my old Mk2 CC but the Mk3 does drive a lot better no flat spots but lower fuel economy at rather noisey at 80mph unlike the Mk2 slower to get there but still kept going, we found the 307cc explosive accerlation but once you got to around 75mph wow was it noisey, this 308cc not as explosive but skips past 80 with ease in relative silence so some big steps have been taken by both makes.
All in all the Megane apart from road springs, trouble free, the 308 we will see a lot of tec memory seats, air scarf, heated seats and a rather confusing NG4 media systems which baffles the hell out of us at present, but I am sure it will all come crystal clear eventually, maybe, hopefully or just press buttons till it does what you want it to do (or Not). :(
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Re: Hi All

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Welcome Chris, as well as the fix your problems aspect of the forum, there is also plenty to enjoy, and 4,409 topics to talk about in the Off-Topic Chat section of the forum. :-D

If you can come up with a 4,610 th subject great, but there is plenty to join-in with for a gentle start :-D

https://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/ ... um.php?f=2

Regards Neil