Please help my relay van is driving me nuts

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Please help my relay van is driving me nuts

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Hi. Im really hoping someone can help me out. I have a 66 plate Relay Van 2.2 diesel. The engine warning light came on January last year. The van would not go above 3k revs. I unhooked the MAF sensor and it got me home. The fault code said it was the MAF sensor. I bought one and fitted it but it still continued then the air temperature sensor fault showed. I replaced that too and in the process found there was a hole in the intercooler. I fitted a new one thinking this may have been the cause of the air temperature sensor fault. The van drove fine after that but the fault kept appearing. I ignored the fault and engine light for months. Then on Monday went into limp mode this time only reaching 2k revs rather than the 3k previously. Ive taken it to a garage and their diagnostic came back with water in the fuel filter and DPF fault indicating DPF relay stuck in one position. They suggested bad fuel which may have had water in. This made sense as i had just filled up on Monday at a petrol station i hadn't used before. Went straight away and got a fuel filter and DPF revive to add to fuel tank. Ive changed the fuel filter and drove it again but it is still going into limp mode. Any advice, suggestions or solutions would be much appreciated as this has me demented. Thank you
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Re: Please help my relay van is driving me nuts

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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. What sort of code reader are you using? If it is a generic reader they do not always communicate well with PSA vehicles. What would be a good idea is to use a proper Lexia/DiagBox system (with, as it is a van, the S1279 module), as this should not only provide the fault codes, but (for most instances) a clear (ish) explanation (so relevant pressures and/or actuator positions). There are forum members who have Lexia equipment (but they may NOT have the S1279 module) who may be able to help out (but please understand that some don't log in regularly, so may not respond to a request for assistance). Here is a link; ... hp?t=56452