Missing serial nr. on RD45 radio

This unit is the RD4 or RD45 system, made by Continental.
Usually standard equipment unless another system is specified as an option. There are Single & Dual Tuner versions. RD45 features over the RD4: The RD45 has USB connectivity & integrated Bluetooth module supporting Phone & Audio Streaming.

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Missing serial nr. on RD45 radio

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I am trying to upgrade my C5x7 with an RD45 radio.
Unfortunately it turns out to be a bit of a challenge.

After updating to latest version Diagbox and lexia HW. The process is stil not done.

When trying to use the instal RD45 procedure via Diagbox, it never completes.

I have communication with the radio, and have updated the VIN. But Diagbox returns "Unknown computer" and when looking into the radio menu via Diagbox, the serial number is missing.
I can get the normal radio-functions to work, and the radio tells the microphone is faulty. "Since it's not there".
But I can't access the bluetooth menu or update the radio manually from Diagbox. Only read it.

Is it a faulty radio, or am I missing something?

EMF screen fw is 71.3. I was informed earlier that it preferably should be 72.2
Can that be the problem, or is the radio faulty?

Brgds and a happy new year