2.0 hdi Xantia - no power, white smoke

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Re: 2.0 hdi Xantia - no power, white smoke


trapa57 wrote:
03 Dec 2021, 20:59
when I drove the car with the knackered EGR as it was seriously over fueling (lots of black smoke) and the crud from the EGR will have gone into the cylinders on its way down the exhaust.
black smoke is egr filling up with crud, white smoke is injector knackered, 2 seperate issues , dont know what mileage youve done , but injectors wear out causing nozzle leak and excessive leak off,
you could do a leak off test to check condition of your injectors,it will also show if one injector is a particular problem, its an easy test , take a few minutes and you can make up your own kit with aquarium air pipe and empty small bottles, which i used to do but when you can buy kit with all connectors etc off fleabay for about £15 may as well have it,