Partner HDI 2005 Wont start

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Partner HDI 2005 Wont start

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Yesterday while driving the battery warning light came on, when I started it after been parked for a while it was gone. I then started it this morning and the light came on again and I heard a noise from the engine, sounded kinda like a faulty belt. There was also a burnt smell. When I tried to start it again the light was still on and it wouldn't start, the starter did not even click.
Any ideas?
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Re: Partner HDI 2005 Wont start

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Hi, and :welc: to the forum. The burnt smell could be a bit of a clue. In daylight try starting her ONCE, and then feel the heavy duty leads, including those to the starter motor. It has been known for these to break down over a long time, so their internal resistance goes up and the starter motor does not get enough amps. If the cables are warm to the touch it could indicate the leads are on the way out.
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Re: Partner HDI 2005 Wont start

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Have you had a look to see if the drive belt is still attached & in one piece?
Sounds like something has gone wrong with the belt so the battery wont be getting charged.
In my experience serpentine belts rarely break for no reason & is usually down to an issue with something that the belt runs on like a tensioner etc.
If there are any signs of fraying on the belt at all its not advisable to drive it as the shredded belt debris can easily migrate into the timing belt area & cause the timing belt to get damaged which can = expensive damage.
Is it a 2.0 or 1.6?