Aftermarket GSP / Head unit for 407 - anyone done it

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Aftermarket GSP / Head unit for 407 - anyone done it

Post by 407 »

I could not find any threads on replacement audio heads so interested if any one has replaced the standard 407 radio / screen / controls with an aftermarket GPS / media unit.

I've seen a few on ebay / aliexpress but most sellers have no idea what they do / what functions will be replicated.

The best I have seen is made by a "well known brand" LJDA that seems to do a few of the existing functions (but only if you look at the youtube below and not on their website) and is still a bit pricey - some say they will not work with auto headlights or JBL systems or parking system

- Quad Core, 2GB + 16GB, Android 10 (EU Stock):
- Octa Core, 4GB + 64GB, Android 10 (EU Stock):

Anyone got any recommendations for units that work (or what to avoid) ?
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Re: Aftermarket GSP / Head unit for 407 - anyone done it

Post by Huskyxantia »

Cheap imports , not all but i had one a few years ago it used to get so hot you could smell it burning
It was wired as per leaflet that came witn it ChingGlish.... so took my one out and sent it back.
Id search online everywhere you can but remember not all reviews are true.
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Re: Aftermarket GSP / Head unit for 407 - anyone done it

Post by Dormouse »

The Chinese are adept at copying their own copies. Some brands are ok but clones are iffy sometimes. Things that look the same are not always the same. What puts me off is that you can't easily get a reliable supplier - they come and go. I know this from my own 10 years plus of trying to source electronics. By the time you get it, it is too late, and trying to go back to a supplier later is nigh on impossible unless you deal direct with the manufacturer. That's not going to be easy, ever. By all means take a punt on a unit but be prepared to be frustrated on several levels. My experiences have been about 50 50.

PS I started my career installing 8 tracks - so that wasn't yesterday.
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Re: Aftermarket GSP / Head unit for 407 - anyone done it

Post by GiveMeABreak »

@407: You have a standard RD4, but as you have surmised, it is not just a head unit, but is also the interface between some of the vehicle options / functions. If you replace it, expect to lose ability to access any of the options / configuration settings you currently have access to and the trip computer output. Aftermarket units are of varying quality. Also be aware that as you have the equaliser amp fitted this may require some additional configuration / wiring.