DVLA - any recent experience of the "D" bit ?

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Re: DVLA - any recent experience of the "D" bit ?

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Fortunately just escaped that.
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Re: DVLA - any recent experience of the "D" bit ?

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Well, I did it. Found out you can apply 90 days in advance so did it 89 days in case their counting is odd. An initial struggle because our postcodes were changed a few years back - for the whole area - but if I typed the old one in it auto corrected to the new one and wouldn't recognise me at all. The workaround was to put the address/postcode in as it is now, tick the box to say it differs from the licence, put the old postcode in which auto corrects to the new one, scroll down the addresses it offers and tick 'none of the above' then you can enter all fields manually. Bingo. I wanted to avoid a postal application if I could.

I voluntarily gave up my over 3500 Kg entitlement because that would have meant posting it off, and wondered about my motorcycle bit. But, it came back with full class A category. That means the test* I passed on a Vespa 125 back in 1968, after which the most powerful thing I drove was an Enfield Bullt 350, 20bhp in theory but with its bent exhaust con rod maybe half that on a good day, lets me jump on a Ducati and go kill myself.

Licence took 3 and a bit weeks to arrive, a bit slower than advertised but not bad. Plus you are allowed to drive as long as you have sent in a valid application unless you are wanting to undo a ban.

Not as bad as I feared.

* oh what a wonderful test. Small town which back then meant the route took you past the only zebra crossing, the only traffic lights and the only roundabout walkable from the test centre. Off you went and were observed by an on foot tester. The emergency stop was tested by the examiner stepping out from behind a parked car and waving a clipboard. You knew it was coming, the examiner was about 6ft 6 tall so you could see him over all the cars. We (my school classmates) all exchanged tips and all passed except one, who panicked at the emergency stop and rode over the kerb at undiminished pace. And now I can drive a 200 bhp bike .....