1.6 THP P0336 No starter

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Re: 1.6 THP P0336 No starter

Post by xantia_v6 »

For full access to the timing teeth, you need to remove the gearbox. It may (with skill and some fabricated tools) be possible to straighten them though the aperture you have photographed, but either way it looks to be a significant task.

Are there any marks on the teeth to give a clue as to how they got bent? Perhaps something has come loose and is rattling around in the bellhousing?
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Re: 1.6 THP P0336 No starter

Post by utdminiman »

Did manage to bend one back slightly but no further unfortunately.

Don't think I have the tools or skills to get the gearbox off, especially at the side of the road (annoyingly parked the car with the pavement on that side).

Couldn't see anything or think of something that might have done the damage. Was hard to see since it was very tight down there. Will try get the borescope in there to see if I can see anything. Thanks for your help!