DS3 Crossback "Sport" Mode

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DS3 Crossback "Sport" Mode

Post by vagthomas »

I am an owner of a DS3 Crossback, ordered on June 2020 and received on January 2021.

Model is 1.2T, 130 PS, EAT8, Business.

My question is the following; it does not have "Sport" mode. It only has "Normal" and "Eco". Does anybody know anything about this? In all tests carried out on this specific model since 2019 that I have read, all of them did have "Sport" mode, which was by far, as per relevant comments, the most practical and fan mode to use, especially if you want to make some spirited driving.

I have asked DS here in Greece and said something about Euro6 emissions blah, blah, blah, but they did not convince and I really doubt that this is the reason. Does anybody have any further info or has the same issue? Or did they just "forget" to program it properly?

Thanks for any feedback in advance
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Re: DS3 Crossback "Sport" Mode

Post by GiveMeABreak »


This mode is only available on the 'Performance Line', 'Performance Line +' and Ines De La Fressange' Special Edition versions.

As part of the DS Sensoral Drive - Cashmere or Titanium modes:

Offers a more intense driving experience in Sport mode, with firmer steering, augmented sound and a sport overlay for the instrument cluster.

Unless you have one of these models listed above, for which it is standard equipment, it will only of been available as an additional optional extra.
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