C4gp 2008 all electrics died mid driving causing small accident 😳

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C4gp 2008 all electrics died mid driving causing small accident 😳

Post by MrStrange »

Hi good morning guys, apologies for writing on a Sunday!

Citroen c4 grand picasso 2008
So 2 days ago I was about to reverse into a parking space, in which the car completely died, it bad a battery light on the dashboard

The car steering wheel locked and wouldn't move, the brake was rock solid and wouldn't push down, the handbrake also wouldn't work,

I had to basically sit there and crash into another car, smashing up all their bumper,

The car eventually started so I could reverse to see the damage, and managed to find the owner of the other car ( thankfully it was the Vet who fixed my dogs eye problem, so we've spoken on a number of occasions, and she's let me pay the repair bill privately!)

We had RAC come out ( 4 hours ) and they basically made us drive the car home, he checked the battery and alternator in which they are both working perfectly fine

Scared s**t to even take the kids in the car now, as if this happened at a higher speed,

For some reason the car diagnostic port will no longer read my diagbox vci, so I'm unable to check for any faults, ( I changed the fuse with no avail, so maybe a faulty vci all of a sudden )

I checked the fuses on the battery in which I found that there was no fuse F4 for the automatic gearbox actuator and ECU, and the F5 diagnostic socket fuse had a 5amp fuse instead of a 15amp

Would really appreciate any help please, the car is currently driving perfectly fine, but it worries the hell out of us, and it may have to be scrapped

Thank you for your time
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Re: C4gp 2008 all electrics died mid driving causing small accident 😳

Post by GiveMeABreak »

This doesn't make sense to me - there will always be braking as it's a mechanically operated pedal and there is a vacuum reserve - but even without the assistance there should be braking ability to stop the vehicle based on the pressure you apply to the braking pedal.

The power steering systems on these use an electro pump, and if the engine stops steering is still supplied directly from the battery - so if you have an issue where there is no electrical power, then you will have no assistance.

So you must of had a catastrophic failure of the power supply - either the electrical connections to / from the battery or supplies unit ' fusebox / alternator to cause this sort of issue.

If you are going to keep it, I would get it to Citroen for a proper diagnosis to be honest.
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Re: C4gp 2008 all electrics died mid driving causing small accident 😳

Post by white exec »

Second that. You were lucky only to have had a low-speed incident.
In this case, Citroen should do the investigation, and come up with a definitive diagnosis/fix.