C5 X7 Broken CV Boot Retention Band

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C5 X7 Broken CV Boot Retention Band

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Our second C5 X7 and both cars driver's side large CV boot retention bands just broke and of course the CV grease gets every where when the boot comes off, plus I don't know what can get into the CV joint if not spotted quickly enough and repacked. In each case the CV boots were undamaged.

Initial thought was – oh bad luck (on a family web site).

On investigation I think that I have found the cause and I think that it can be prevented.

There was a build up of rust all around the CV just within the boot under the retention band outer/weather edge. The rust will have increased the tension in the retention band and caused it to snap. Used a sharp bladed screw driver to remove the rust before fitting a new band, as the CV boot was OK.

On inspection it was necessary to scrape a build up of rust from the opposite (passenger) side CV boot which was forming a ridge under the edge of the boot. Treated with spray grease in the hope that it would offer protection from more rust.

Until now has not let go.
Hope that helps.
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Re: C5 X7 Broken CV Boot Retention Band

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Stainless steel cable ties are usually pretty durable for the boots, or even stout full-width nylon ones.
If needing to top-up the grease, I've done it successfully by attaching a length of 5mm OD polythene tube (the irrigation sort) on to a grease gun, and pushing the tube into the gaiter/boot at the small end (cut the tube at an angle to help entry) until it comes up against the joint's interior gubbins. Then pump in however much molybdenum grease you think needed.