Mk1/2 C5 rear suspension hyraulic pipes

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Mk1/2 C5 rear suspension hyraulic pipes

Post by aramsay »

I looking for an offside main hydraulic pipe for the rear of my C5....the large bore metal one that goes
between the centre shpere and susp.-arm sphere.

I managed to get a new nearside one from Citroen, but the offside one is no longer available....p/n: 5270.QQ

There is a German firm that appears to make conversion pipes / adapters to replace original pattern
Citroen stuff. They are called.... Bremsleitungen-Online

They list a 5270.QQ.....I have requested a photo, but I think that it is based on using kunifer-type
brake pipe with a couple of special adapter ends. As I say, I am awaiting more details, but the diameter/bore looks a lot smaller than the OEM pipe.

Do you think there would be an issue with having the nearside with original (Citroen) bore/dia., while the
offside with this smaller (German) bore/dia. ?
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Re: Mk1/2 C5 rear suspension hyraulic pipes

Post by Monkeyfeet »

Hi Aramsay,
First off, sorry unable to help. But hope you won't mind me asking why you need one, is it down to corrosion or did you need to take it off for some work?
Reason I'm asking is that I need to change the seals (nearside ram) and have been unable to undo the pipe. I've just managed to get hold of a Metrinch spanner and hoping that might shift pipe end-nut. I was considering cutting the pipe to fit a socket on, but of course, I'd need a replacement pipe first...
Sorry again, for butting in,