RT4 to RT6 (RNEG2) Swap Problem C5x7

This unit is the eMyWay system, also referred to as RT6, RNEG2, or WIPNAV+ for the Peugeot platform and made by Magneti Marelli.
Main Features: The eMyWay colour satellite navigation has high resolution mapping, Bluetooth Telephone & Audio Streaming supported profiles, USB support for Media files & CD

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Re: RT4 to RT6 (RNEG2) Swap Problem C5x7

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I thought so, just wanted to check. It's possible if you have been using MS that you may have changed some values...

One other thing, make sure on the RT6, that you turn OFF the option to 'Synchronise Time / Date with GPS' in the settings (make sure the option is NOT ticked). The GPS 'N Week Rollover' bug can cause incorrect calculation and positioning along with incorrect time and date. This latest GPS issue occurred 6th / 7th April 2019. PSA never issued a firmware update (or could not correct the issue) in many of the older GPS systems and the only way to circumnavigate the problem is to turn off this setting.