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Re: Disappearing Posts!

Post by admiral51 »

Thanks for this Mick however i am happy for some of my posts to still be here as most are irrelevant and no use to anyone apart from myself :)
Those that have disappeared must be the really really pointless ones lol

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Re: Disappearing Posts!

Post by myglaren »

Hell Razor5543 wrote:
31 Jul 2021, 18:07
Erm, I have not posted anything in the For Sale section, so that does not explain MY missing posts! :(
Mike has explained the reason James.
The autopurge of the FS&W forum was only a remote possibility - it will be valid in some instances but not the majority.
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Re: Falling Post Counts!

Post by xantia_v6 »

As explained above, no posts have disappeared, I have updated the topic title to reflect this. Another probable explanation for a post count mismatch is that you have replied to a topic where the whole topic has been later deleted, perhaps because the original post was determined to have broken the forum rules. These things are correctly handled now, but were not always correctly counted.