Citroen C5 X7 - Evaporator or Condenser?

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Citroen C5 X7 - Evaporator or Condenser?

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I was (sadly) in this section about a year ago... No AC on my 2008 2.0i C5 X7 when I purchased it. Thanks to the help of the forum, I found that a pipe was broken (the "classic" one) and changed it. Then, the car got an AC regas, and it lasted....few days.

Back on this, thanks to the weather...

As it works during few days, and the pipes out of the compressor are cold and hot, and the fan turns on, I think I have a leak and I am now investigating what is the next one...
- I tried to look with an UV light, but found nothing. I did it without the glasses though, so will give this a go
- When I have the AC on, I can hear an "hiiiiissssss" in the cabin, which stops when I cut the AC. Is it due to low level of gas, or the leak might be in the cabin?
- Any suggestion on how to check/narow down my possibilities?

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Re: Citroen C5 X7 - Evaporator or Condenser?

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You may well have a leak from the evaporator box. When they test for leaks, they should either use a 'sniffer' tool to detect the refrigerant for leaks or a UV light if the system has had some dye added to show leaks.