Can't reset Average Fuel Consumption and others

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Re: Can't reset Average Fuel Consumption and others

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I don't need speed limit, but cruise control comes in handy. I think i'll try to live without reseting trip computer possibility but with cruise.
But now another problem appears :). After swiching a few gas pedals now there is pedal as at the begining when i've bought it (without speed limit switch), computer shows no errors and pedal and engine work fine. But cruise control starts to turn off during ride. At the begining of highway ride it turns off even every few seconds (as if I lightly pressed the brake pedal) and i have to press restore speed button. Longer i ride, less often it turns off. After 1-2 hours it works fine, but it can turn off on a bigger road bump or just after sudden braking after i press r/s button. Is it connected to this retrofitting? Ot is it coincidence and it's something with, for example, brake pedal sensor (cruiser turns off after city ride and frequent use of brake pedal)?
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Re: Can't reset Average Fuel Consumption and others

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Has anyone been messing about with the brake switch during the repairs? Is it adjusted correctly, It may be too sensitive, back up against a wall or something reflective & check the brake lights dont come on till the pedal is pressed for a few mm.