Citroen DS5 SatNav screen

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Citroen DS5 SatNav screen

Post by KentCitroen »

Have a 2013 Citroen DS5 and the satnav screen has gone crazy.
All of a sudden the screen either doesn’t come on or I get half a screen working (left hand side). The radio works fine but if the screen is blank you cannot change digital Chanel.
Does anyone have a clue? Citroen have said they can run a diagnostic for £125 but even they had no idea
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Re: Citroen DS5 SatNav screen

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Diagnostics are usually about £60! So unless they are anticipating over an hour, I'd pull them on that one.....

Your issue may be either a loose wiring connection or plug from the Head Unit to the multifunction display or it may be that the display is on the way out, or the Head unit itself.

There are tests that they can run, which involve going into the engineering menu and undertaking a procedure to take a snapshot of an internally generated image, then downloading the data from the head unit and viewing the graphic file. Basically, if the image is perfect, then it is generally the screen at fault or connection, but if the graphic is distorted, missing or not clear, then that indicates the Head unit hardware.

That may be why the test is a little more expensive as it may take a while to do if they are not that experienced with them.