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Re: iCarsoft Fr V 2.0

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ds21h wrote:
28 Jun 2021, 14:17
Hi Marc, so will a Diagbox V9.91 run on a modern laptop using Windows 10?

Yes - it will, however, be aware that Diagbox V9.** that is available from non-official sources will not allow you to telecode / configure ECUs off line and going online will likely lock / deactivate it. You can read and clear codes and should be able to perform live tests and some operations for ABS brake circuit bleeding, electronic handbrake releasing etc etc., but no ECU configuring or parameter changing.

If you have a vehicle that is 2015 or earlier, I would stick to Diagbox V7 and update it as needed, sticking at V7.62 if you can. This will still support configuration changes to most vehicles and systems, with the exception of some ECUs.