DS7 - Water in rear light

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Re: DS7 - Water in rear light

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I wouldn't recommend drilling anything if the car is within warranty or has an extended - or they can void any claim.
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Re: DS7 - Water in rear light

Post by Goff1 »

11 months after having had the rear nearside light unit changed under warranty due to large amount of water sloshing about inside, guess what the drivers side now has the same problem. Unfortunately I am now out of warranty period so rather than fork out stupid money for a replacement I drilled a small hole & the water poured out. This was fine except the water damages the silver reflective material revealing the white plastic & this is very unsightly. Ds dealership had suggested that contacting DS direct may result in them contributing 50% towards the part & labour, this is not good enough as the dealership acknowledged it's becoming a very common problem.Shame on DS for not at least supplying the unit free of charge !!. Apparently DS have resolved the problem on new lights by using rubber grommets/washers on the 2 fittings at the rear of the unit. I've ordered a used one off ebay & will get my local friendly mechanic to fit it, adding a couple of the washers. I'll let u know whether my gamble pays off. I'll also never use a hose when cleaning the rear of the car .