307 sw miles to km

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307 sw miles to km

Post by Wawpeyo »

Hi to all, i do have a 307 sw 02 plate, it had trouble with the ecu while in the continent and had to swap the ecu kit.
The problem its now i cant change the units on the odometer so its showing 300k (km) instead of the right amount of miles.
The screen in the middle works, but changes there seems to not have any effect pn the units at the odo.
No original radio , in case that affects.
Diagbox may be?
Thanks in advance

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Re: 307 sw miles to km

Post by wheeler »

You need to go in & change the trip computer display into MPG from Litres per 100 kilometres, this will change the odometer back to miles.
This is normally done through the radio buttons but you say radio is not original? Depending on what display you have etc this can sometimes be adjusted using the steering remote controls to flick through the menus.