Broadband deficiencies

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Re: Broadband deficiencies

Post by mickthemaverick »

I had an email from Virgin Media apologising for the poor service they had given me. It also said they were arranging a compensatory payment of £8 per day starting 2 days after I made the complaint. Full details will be shown on my next bill!! Well this will be interesting as I made the initial complaint on 15th February 2020!! Having already agreed a deal of £29.75 reduction in my monthly payment for 18 months I am intrigued to see what the bill will say! Watch this space!! :)
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Re: Broadband deficiencies

Post by Nickcc102 »

We’re with Now tv ((sky) and get app 34 Mbps but guaranteed 36. No point changing as price still lowest and all other previous providers never bettered that. We have Fibre to cabinet but the exchange is only app 3/4 mile away.