N/S/R caliper dragging

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N/S/R caliper dragging

Post by Estate87 »

Afternoon all

I recently changed the rear pads and discs on my X7 C5 Exclusive Tourer due to the fact that they showed signs of dragging whilst the car was with the previous owner, i.e the pads were a lot more worn than the drivers side and the disc had signs of heat transfer.

Everything went ok, nothing seized and the pistons wound back fine, I checked their operation once it was all back together. I used Brembo for pads/discs. Now it seems as though it's still dragging, I did a 2 mile journey earlier and once I'd stopped I could see/very slightly smell the signs of hot brakes. 🤬

What could be the problem? I suspect it's down to the piston not returning enough once the brake has been applied, the car has done very little mileage whilst being with the previous owner so I suspect the piston is lazy? Is this a common issue? Or should I have used a different brand of brakes?

Any info will be greatly appreciated


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Re: N/S/R caliper dragging

Post by KennyW »

Worth checking your caliper sliding pins, associated rubber dust covers and piston all cause this type of problem.
Repair kits are available
Once the caliper starts sticking or piston starts sticking will only get worse until a total seizure occurs