Gardening Advice Requested

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Re: Gardening Advice Requested

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Have done a little more on the garden over the last couple of weekends, i will add pictures but to explain them in advance.
Maybe 15 years ago i put some patio slabs down and i have removed 6 slabs 3 years ago to form part of the base for the new shed at the time, the slabs in the new photos are the same ones, so no i have not been that busy but has got me thinking.
The area beyond the slabs i have dug over, managed to get 2 bin bags worth of Ivy roots out but i know that the Ivy on the wire fence is coming from the property over the wooden fence and my gut feeling is that i also need to dig out under the slabs to clear as many Ivy roots as i can before i do anything else. I will never stop the Ivy unless next door steps up but the wooden fence is theirs to maintain, that also includes the bit that the extends to the boundary line of my neighbour to my left and all 3 premises are council owned :)

So i want to make the garden a place to enjoy being in and looking nice so as this will not be an overnight fix this is my thinking.
Remove the slabs, dig out what roots i can and then from the slab line back to the fence line join put down some heavy duty weed killer, put a heavy duty membrane down, replace the slabs used for the shed to make it back how it originally was, i think you can see from the pictures where the slabs were removed.
Everything from the slab line back towards the house will be kept as grass and will be getting re seeded with a 1.5 foot wide border along the wire fence line and along the white concrete block wall line running back to wards the shed.
In the pictures you can see the access into the garden that has 2 square little planters within the wall that contains 2x2 rose bushes that i really would like to keep yet move them from their current location.
So again asking for your input and ideas.
As in my previous posts i was thinking about raised beds for the entire area from where the newly rediscovered slabs are back into the point of the triangle of the fence lines, but now that i have cleared the area if i am going to take the time and effort and cash to lift and replace the existing and missing slabs then should i do the whole lot into the triangle with slabs?
Whilst typing i am thinking maybe moving the slab area from the fence line join point out to where the slabs start from the join point and just re seeding the remaining area, i have to lift the slabs anyway ?
I could use different sized planters to make it look like the area is stepped?