ds5 start/stop

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ds5 start/stop

Post by jimboflip »

Hi Everyone

new ds5 owner 62 plate

was just wondering if someone could give me some advice on the start stop system on my1.6 hdi ds5 auto

the system doe not seem to work, the ee light flashes but the engine does not stop.
i have been told it could be down to my battery not being in the best of health?
with this info i went to my local battery dealer who said it might want replacing , so got a price for battery and went home to have a think.
would you believe it on the way home it started working......but has not worked since.
Could it be the battery?
Has anyone had experience of this?

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Re: ds5 start/stop

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The Stop Start systems vary considerably from model to model in terms of the technology and system they use. However, there are certain conditions that have to be met for the system to Stop the vehicle (at traffic lights for example).

These conditions include, but are not limited to:

State of battery charge (batteries under a certain percentage will prevent the S&S working)
The engine Temperature (must be operating at normal temperature)
Whether the A/C system is being operated and what cabin temperature the driver / passenger has requested
How many miles since the last S&S operation
How many times the S&S has operated over a certain distance
Whether the Driver has unfastened his seat belt, etc. etc.

These are just a few conditions that are calculated. At least you know that your system is working - it just needs the conditions to be met to operate.

If I were to tell you that my new C3 Aircross has S&S, yet has never worked, you can see the point. My battery needs a min. of 80% before it will even consider it, but even with 100% charge mine doesn't work. So it will be going in for a diagnosis at first opportunity to check the other components. But it is not unheard of for these to have so many stringent conditions to operate, that they seldom do.
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Re: ds5 start/stop

Post by C5runner »


I have DS5 1.6HDi 2014.
My green ECO start/stop light has always worked. However, the Start/Stop function has not always activated. Just like you, I have wondered if there was anything wrong. I think that if the ECO light works, then your system is working. For me, the main things that have prevented activation are as follows;
- battery level below the minimum required for safe use (Citroen do not want a car to Stop, and then not be able to be restarted, because of low battery power). This happens particularly when I do a lot of short runs - i.e. lots of starting power used without sufficient time for the battery to be recharged).
- cold weather when I have heaters and wipers running, or when Air Con is running.
- I note that after a battery replacement or disconnection, the Start/Stop won't activate for a certain number of miles.
In short, I have found it is generally to do with with battery power level. To prove this to yourself, try trickle charging your battery overnight, then drive without heaters on and see what happens.
Note however, if you have a faulty battery level sensor, or a faulty alternator, I suppose these could be further possibilities for the problem.