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Citroen ax

Post by Markbodsworth »

Hi all, hoping someone can help. I have an 89 Ax 11re. The coolant temp light starts to glow shortly after switching and gets brighter; but never to full brightness. I’m convinced the cars not overheating as it’s too quick.
The car doesn’t loose coolant, has had a recent water pump, cylinder head engine sensor and fan switch. I have also replaced the bulb and diode in the clock unit. Not made any difference. Any ideas?

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Re: Citroen ax

Post by CitroJim »

Welcome to the forum from a fellow AX owner Mark :D

TU engines are tough but they don't like to run too hot for too long... It could well be running hot without showing any symptoms...

I'd be very inclined to check the water temperature is indeed normal with an infra-red thermometer pointed at the thermostat housing.

If the temperature is normal then an electrical problem remains...