2010 C4P 2.0HDI AT6 RHR poor mpg?

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2010 C4P 2.0HDI AT6 RHR poor mpg?

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Hello all. I have tried few things from forum here but my 2010 C4 Picasso Exclusive 136hp, AT6, RHR Engine has really poor MPG.

Car has 145.000km (90.000miles) and I average 12L/100km (20mpg) in mostly city drive. It used to be bit less than 10L/100km (25mpg).

When I drive on open road or hwy not over 130kmh (65mph) I get arrounf 6.7L/100km (35mpg) which tells me that car is running without any issuses.

Engine works well, has a good sound, has no smoke of any kind, no diesel smell. Only issue I has AT6 gearbox was a bit jerky and that was solved with oil change (there is amazingly good post about this).

I do a regular service every 15000km (9500miles).

On diagbox only error is one of the heaters is bad and this should not affect MGP, i have changed heater relay but problem is one of the heaters.

I have checked everythibg from cables, vacuum pipes, Y splitters, electrovalves, MAP and MAF sensors are clean, does not show any errors on EGR valve (this might be an issue) and everything else is fine. Intercooler and pipes are a bit oily as it suppose to be).

But 20mpg seems waaaay to much. Any ideas?